Cartoon Donald Trump Live Tweeted Barack Obama's Farewell Speech

"Obama crying over family? Typical, weak, WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT."

Donald Trump surprisingly didn’t tweet about President Barack Obama’s powerful farewell speech Tuesday night.

But what if he had?

Luckily, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” was on hand to imagine the president-elect’s reaction, via a live-tweeting cartoon version of the man himself.

Mimicking the often offensive tone that Trump uses on the micro-blogging site, the @toonDonaldTrump account responded in real time to Obama’s words.

When the outgoing POTUS cried, the cartoon Trump blasted him for being “weak” ― and he also criticized the first lady Michelle Obama for not standing for her applause. It’s as if Trump really was tweeting himself.

Watch the cartoon Trump tweeting above, read all the tweets here and see Obama’s full speech here.