Cartoon Network's 'Steven Universe' Includes Lesbian Couple

...and they're adorable.

A groundbreaking television show on Cartoon Network is now pushing the envelope even further by revealing that two characters on the kids program are a lesbian couple.

"Steven Universe," one of our favorite cartoons with heavy queer overtones follows the adventures of Steven, a young boy, who protects the universe with his magic gem powers alongside superheroes Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. In a recent episode, the show revealed that Garnet is actually a fusion of two other gem characters -- Ruby and Sapphire.

The scene in the video above initially raised questions about the nature of Ruby and Sapphire's relationship. This week, co-executive producer Ian Jones-Quarterly confirmed via Twitter that the pair are, in fact, a lesbian couple.

"Steven Universe," is one of a number of kids shows that are increasingly focused on queer representation. As noted by Autostraddle, "study after study and expert after expert says that when kids see people like them positively portrayed in the media they consume, they are positively impacted, and when they don’t see that same representation, it negatively affects not only them, but how others view and treat people like them."

Most recently, Hulu premiered "The Bravest Knight That Ever Lived," a queer fairytale where the main character rescues both a princess and a prince and later gets to decide whose affectation he truly desires.

We love you, Steven Universe!

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