Cartoon Reveals How Smartphone Users See Each Other (PICTURE)

Ever wonder what Android users, iPhone fans and BlackBerry addicts really think of one another?

C-Section Comics has created a cartoon depicting the three major smartphone camps and how they perceive each other. According to the artist, each group thinks rather highly of itself while looking down at the other groups.

For example, the "typical iPhone user" shown in the cartoon envisions herself as a hot hipster who sees Android users as bespectacled geeks and BlackBerry users as aged stiffs in suits. To the "average BlackBerry user", however, the average iPhone user looks more like a diapered baby. Meanwhile, the "average Android user" views the iPhone user as a cult member dressed black robes and worshiping Steve Jobs. Harsh.

Check out the cartoon (below), or visit C-Section Comics to see the original.


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