Cartoon shows Bush to big oil, big money: "I wish I could quit you"


With a line paraphrased from "Brokeback Mountain," a Portland, Oregon cartoonist, artist and general wit who calls himself The Unknown has designed and posted what he imagines could be President Bush's own addictions of the heart. Oil and money.

That's The Unknown's cartoon you are looking at.

I emailed The Unknown and asked him if I could post it here.

"Super cool," he wrote back, providing I include a link to his Blog.

Well,The Unknown, a double Dubya'll do ya.

The Unknown calls his blog "Bad Art I Am Compelled To Share." Here"s the link to his blog's main page.

If you want to go straight to the post where The Unknown's drawing of President Oilman appears - where he describes how and why he did the drawing, here"s your ticket.