Epic Cliff House 'Casa Brutale' Looks Straight Out Of The Future

If you thought this cliff house was stunning, wait until you explore Casa Brutale. Straight out of a James Bond movie, this conceptual abode that looks like an evil villain's lair is our over-the-top, absurd dream house.

Developed by Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos of Open Platform for Architecture (OPA), Casa Brutale is "a poetic homage" to Brutalist architecture, a modernist style that became popular in the 1950s through 1970s. In a conversation with The Huffington Post, Vassiliou said that OPA loves brutalist architecture, but Casa Brutale is different.

"Despite communicating 'strength, functionality and frank expression of materials,' it has qualities that are not characteristic of [Brutalist architecture]," said Vassiliou. "We believe that Casa Brutale, in contrast to its simple and cold materials (beton brute, steal etc.), channels the rhythm and beauty of its surrounding nature in a way capable of stimulating the senses and evoking emotion, similar to melody or verse."

Currently just a concept, Vassiliou says that OPA would love to build the house, which is why they are actively looking for someone to sponsor or buy the project. Though their ideal spot is on a Greek island, Vassiliou insists that they are "open to other interesting locations worldwide."

When asked how much actually building Casa Brutale would cost, Vassiliou said without location details, it would probably cost them roughly half to one million Euros. Unless, that is, an interested Bond villain puts in a really, really good offer.

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