Casey Adams: How he turned a negative situation into a positive outcome.

Casey Adams : Interview of 16-year-old entrepreneur who is making a fortune.
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Casey Adams

Casey Adams


It wasn’t until August 2015 that Casey Adams encountered a life changing situation that has impacted his life in many ways. As the young individual was getting ready for football season going into his sophomore year of high school, everything changed for him. Casey has been passionate about sports his entire life, but suddenly things changed for him. On the first day of hitting practice Casey got severely injured causing him to be in a neck brace for over 10 weeks. He was diagnosed with interspinous ligament damage, and the doctors told him that he may not be able to play contact sports again. This was a very depressing time for the young individual, but he learned to reposition himself and create something out of this negative situation. Since this life changing situation, Casey has started his own brand called Rise of The Young in which he inspires young individuals to do what they are passionate about it life. His movement has grown, and many people recognize him for his impactful story. Also, he has started his own Snapchat marketing course in which he helps individuals learn how to effectively brand themselves, and market using the application. Since then he has spoken on stage telling his story, and has been featured on ABC. His mission is to help individuals turn their negative situation into a positive outcome.

As a 16yr old, what got you into entrepreneurship?

-All throughout my life I’ve always been the type of individual who likes to create. I did not start going full force into entrepreneurship until a negative situation positioned me to change the direction of my life. In August 2015, as I was getting ready for football season I encountered a life changing injury that forced me to be pulled away from my passion. At practice I was doing a drill with a teammate, and as I was taking him to the ground he spun me causing my helmet to slide up against my spine. The helmet guillotined my spine according to the doctor, and I was diagnosed with interspinious ligament damage. After the injury the doctors told me that I may not be able to play any contact sports again in my life, and that I could have potentially been paralyzed. This sudden injury caused me to be very depressed, and it allowed me to reposition myself for something great. My injury was the turning point in my life that caused me to do things different, and overall start my journey into entrepreneurship.

Casey Adams

Casey Adams .

When you were going through a negative situation, what helped you get yourself into a positive mindset?

After I got got put into a neck brace for ten weeks I was so depressed. The major thing that helped me change my mindset was surrounding myself with positive people, and getting into personal development. As I was in my neck brace I could not move around as much, and I decided to get into the Tai Lopez 67 step program. After getting into Tai’s program, he taught me many valuable lessons and fundamental mindset shifts that helped me build a positive mindset. I learned about the power of self education, and since getting into his program I started reading many books by successful individuals. His program allowed me to rewire my brain, and massively help me redefine the direction I want to take my life. I began to read about the stories of successful entrepreneurs, and it caused me to be grateful for my situation. Also, I began to focus on the outcome that I wanted, and not the current situation that I was in.

What is your Snapchat Marketing course?

My course is called “Rise Up: Branding and Marketing” and I teach people about how I’ve been able to brand myself on Snapchat. Also, I teach people how to massively grow your account, and how to properly monetize it for their business. One of my good friends named Bill met up with me in New York City, and helped me put together my course. You can check it out at .

Who has been the greatest mentor for you?

It’s honestly to hard to pick just one, but I have many individuals who have helped me overcome my negative situation. First, Tai Lopez has been a huge mentor to me in that he changed the way I think about life, and allowed me to be more optimistic about my situation. My good friend Caleb Maddix has also been a huge inspiration to me because he showed me what is possible at such a young age. Caleb has opened up opportunities for me, and I got the opportunity to speak with him at the Epic Mastermind Experience. Another key individual in my life has been Gerard Adams. After getting the opportunity to do a quick ten minute facetime call with him, he helped me define what I want to do and overall has taught me the value of hard work. These individuals have allowed me to overcome my negative situation, and gave me motivation to go after my dreams.

Casey Adams

Casey Adams

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