No Book Deal, No TV Interview, Will Casey Anthony Enter 'Hot Body' Contest?

After what seems like a silent TV network boycotting of Casey Anthony interviews, once the Tot Mom is sprung from jail this week, she may find a new all time low.

"There's no telling how long this story will go on," HLN reporter and host of 'Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell,' Jane Velez-Mitchell tells me. "After Casey's release there will be competition among the paparazzi and mainstream media to get the 'first photo' of Casey out and about. She'll be spotted at a hot body contest and I'm not even joking. She's a young woman who has been behind bars for almost three years and it's going to be hard to keep her totally under wraps."

Velez-Mitchell agrees with publishers I have spoken with and doesn't think Casey will get a big book or movie deal, but don't think she won't try.

"She is a pathological liar so you can't tell if she's writing fiction or non-fiction," Velez-Mitchell warns. "Also, she owes the IRS 70 grand and could owe hundreds of thousands more because of law enforcement investigative costs, lawsuits, etc."

However, the person who could make a fortune over the next several months for telling her side of the story is Casey's mother, Cindy.

"Just as there was huge backlash from the 'If I Did It' OJ book, any mainstream publisher that attempts to make a deal with Casey will experience major blow back," she continued. "Cindy, however, was taking notes voraciously during the trial and should sell a book, assuming she can be honest. That's a book I'd read."

It's safe to say that Anthony won't be landing any waitressing gigs in the near future and if a book deal isn't an option either, Velez-Mitchell may be on to something when it comes to Anthony's more tawdry "hot body" options. After all, just because Anthony was nearly convicted of first-degree murder doesn't mean she's grown out of her pre-trial partying days.

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