Casey Molter Trashes 'Psychic' Girlfriend's Car After Granny Sex Dream Prediction: Cops

Man Trashes 'Psychic' Lover's Car After She Predicts Granny Sex Dream: Cops

A Florida man's reaction to the premonitions of his allegedly psychic girlfriend was anything but predictable.

Police in Vero Beach said Casey Molter, 28, trashed his girlfriend's 1997 Nissan Altima after the so-called psychic allegedly told him his dead grandmother would appear in his dreams and, as the report put it, "commit an unusual sex act to him involving an adult erotic device," the Mirror reports.

The incident happened Nov. 24, but recently came to light via

Officials were called to the couple's apartment around 7:45 a.m. to break up a physical altercation between Molter and his girlfriend.

During the fight, the suspect allegedly damaged his girlfriend's car and smashed her cell phone.

After the police and the girlfriend left, Molter allegedly damaged the car further by smashing a side mirror on the passenger side, deflating the tires and flinging a used condom onto the car.

Molter allegedly wrote "love notes" on the car windows using creams and lotions, reports.

When police questioned Molter, he said his girlfriend is a "spiritual person" who can tell people about their dreams.

Molter told police that when his girlfriend told him that his grandmother would soon be appearing in one and using a sex toy on him to boot, he could not get the image out of his head and "he snapped," according to the Metro.

Molter was arrested on a criminal mischief charge and released on $500 bond.

He is due in court later this month.

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