'Santa Clauses' Co-Star Goes Scorched Earth On 'Rude' Tim Allen

"Single worst experience I've ever had with a co-star," Casey Wilson said of Allen.

Casey Wilson had a ho-ho-ho lot to say about fellow “Santa Clauses” actor Tim Allen, blaming him for the “truly single worst experience I’ve ever had with a co-star ever.”

She called him a “bitch” and suggested this St. Nick was as icy as the North Pole.

Wilson recently said on her “Bitch Sesh” podcast (per Variety, Entertainment Weekly and other outlets) that Allen told the show’s producer in her presence to tell her to stop stepping on his lines instead of asking her directly.

“The producer turns to me with horror on his face and has to walk one foot to me and he goes, ‘Um, Tim would ask that you stop stepping on his lines,’” she said.

Wilson accused Allen of creating an atmosphere where “everybody was walking on eggshells.”

“When he was done, he was so fucking rude. Never made eye contact, never said anything. It was so uncomfortable,” the “Saturday Night Live” alum said.

Wilson said she played a homeowner whose residence was invaded by Allen’s character in the Disney+ pilot episode in 2022. She said a friend of hers is a producer on the series and her children love the “Santa Clause” movies, which also star Allen.

But she held nothing back as the second season of the Disney+ show streams.

Allen made an unplanned theatrical exit in a scene with Wilson that was unforgettable ― and not in a good way, she claimed.

“It’s the end, and Tim Allen goes, ‘Leaving!’ takes his Santa cape, picks it up and drops it on the floor and walks out,” Wilson said, adding that his stand-in then took over and “was much nicer to act against.”

“People are scurrying to pick up his velvet Santa coat. He’s a bitch,” she continued. According to Wilson, someone on the set told her, “You’re seeing him on a good day.”

HuffPost reached out to a representative for Allen for comment.

Allen, a conservative who attended Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration in 2017, made headlines earlier this year when Pamela Anderson accused him of flashing her on the set of “Home Improvement.” Allen denied the claim.

Casey Wilson (left) and Tim Allen.
Casey Wilson (left) and Tim Allen.

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