Cassandra Bankson Bravely Bares Her Acne For the Camera

The thought of leaving the house without makeup can throw the most self-assured woman into a fit of anxiety. But what about inviting millions of people into your home to see your face first thing in the morning? That's just what Cassandra Bankson did when she posted a tutorial on YouTube, showcasing how to apply makeup to achieve flawless coverage. Bankson, a 19-year-old lifestyle model suffering from cystic acne, has garnered a huge following on the internet as a self-proclaimed "YouTube Beauty Guru."

This video cast Bankson in a particularly vulnerable light. While in full makeup, she's confident and sure of herself, giving an intro to the tutorial with a smile. After stripping off all of her cosmetics, she appears visibly self-conscious and nervous. It's clearly taken an enormous amount of courage for her to put aside her insecurities and show other people how to deal with their own skin problems. Bankson had been crying before appearing on camera, but she manages to sniffle her way through her extensive routine, even moving her face closer to the lens as she emulsifies and blends.

All-in-all, she uses 8 products to achieve the amount of coverage necessary for her to calm her nerves. (This doesn't include any contouring or highlighting products that she'll surely layer on after.) This routine has become second-nature for her -- she doesn't even seem to need a mirror. As more makeup is added, her voice cracks less and she smiles more until her finishing spritz of MAC Fix Plus Spray.

Contrary to Bankson's fears, she's received an overwhelmingly positive response since posting the video in December. The video itself has almost 8 million views and over 25,000 comments, mostly supportive. What's most remarkable is that acne seems to be a leveler of sorts, an epidemic that's shaken the confidence of men and women of all ages. "It's cosmetic, but it goes deeper than that," Bankson told Good Morning America.

Although she's happy to help "just one person" by selflessly exposing her struggles and candidly discussing her skin remedies, Bankson has opened a dialogue and made it OK for thousands of her subscribers to use her sites to post about their own trials and errors. It really goes to show that as more and more people invite the world into their homes through the internet, once-embarrassing personal problems like acne can be showcased and used to unify and aid strangers in similar circumstances. Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

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