Watch This YouTube Fitness Star Fearlessly Take On Cyberbullies

Want to leave mean comments for Cassey Ho? Think again.

YouTube star Cassey Ho has something to say to her online bullies.

In a video from Cosmopolitan, the woman behind the YouTube fitness channel Blogilates responded to some of the cruel comments she gets online.

"She has no ass because she starves herself and doesn't 'life' weights," she said, reading some of the comments aloud. Without hesitation, Ho perfectly responded:

"Well first of all you should learn how to spell 'lift' and I do lift weights because I lift my body weight," she said. "And this is my booty! And I love it."

Ho also addressed online criticism in April in a video titled "The 'Perfect' Body" that reveals hurtful comments people have made about her physical appearance. The video, which has been viewed more than 7 million times to date, highlights the effects of body shaming and shows Ho editing her body according to commenters' demands.

In her video for Cosmopolitan, she took on similar commenters who called her "a little bit fat" and questioned her credibility as a fitness expert. Then, she left viewers with this encouraging message. 

"You're more than just your body," she said. "You are your skill, your talent, your mind."

Take that, haters.

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