The Best Cast Iron Skillet Recipes For Your Next Meal

You CAN cook these things in other vessels, but we have no idea why you would.

Just the other day, we were talking about everything one needs to know to start cooking with a cast iron skillet. One of the most important cast iron rules is to cook in them -- A LOT. That got us thinking about just how much you can actually make in a skillet. There are tons of dishes -- some of them can be made from start to finish -- that people need to know about. Even desserts (and you can find those recipes over here).

Lasagna doesn't need to be made in a traditional baking pan, you can make a really easy (and irresistible) version in your skillet. Nachos are another great idea that somehow taste better when cooked in (and eaten out of) a skillet. It doesn't stop there. Hasselback potatoes, cornbread, even mac and cheese. Start cooking in your skillet, if for no other reason than the fact that it gives you an excuse to eat all of these delicious recipes.

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Strawberry Skillet Pie

Skillet Desserts