Castoffs and Catwalks: PeersSwaps Launches with New York Fashion Week

Castoffs and Catwalks: PeersSwaps Launches with New York Fashion Week
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I don't believe in fashion mistakes. I've always believed true style requires experimentation and a leap of faith. As a result of this philosophy, I have more than a few idle items in my closet. I buy the fabulous dress on deep discount and bank the occasion will come. But it doesn't always. Like many women, I reach for the same clothes day after day and sit on a wealth of idle clothing. It's all good stuff, just not right for me. According to a recent report on peer-to-peer fashion trends I'm not alone. The "The Closet-Sharing Economy" Report issued by Poshmark, an app for buying and selling women's fashion, finds that on average women have 19 items in their closet they are ready to part with. Poshmark exemplifies the growing demand for people to connect with their peers to buy, sell and trade their idle fashion. Other peer-to-peer fashion startups include Threadflip, Tradesey, Twice, Material Wrld and Vaunte.

For Fashion Week 2014, Peers is taking a different approach: Real world clothing swaps. Peers is a grassroots organization dedicated to growing the sharing economy. It was founded on the idea that by sharing what we already have - like our cars, our homes and our clothes - we eliminate waste and everyone benefits. Kicking off with New York Fashion Week, Peers is hosting a series of member-driven clothing swaps, or #PeersSwaps, around the world, where friends can get together and swap clothing and accessories they no longer wear for "new" items they will. PeersSwaps are taking place in more than 55 cities around the world through the end of Paris Fashion Week on March 5. Find a swap or become a host on the Peers website at

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