Stella Macua, Product Design Intern, Uses Castor Oil For Everything

In a sea of long hair, Stella Macua's curly undercut was a nice surprise. Not only did the product design intern's cool 'do have us wanting to chop off our locks, but it also seemed like the most practical, low-maintenance hairstyle for these scorching hot days.

"I don't wash my hair everyday, but after I get it wet, I put castor oil in it. I [also] use it to keep moisturized after a shower," said Macua.

The bean-based oil isn't the only trick Macua has up her sleeve. The brunette beauty also uses Dettol Antibacterial Bar Soap as face wash, a little gift her mom brought her back from Kenya. Is that enough of an excuse to book a plane ticket?

beauty street stylePhoto/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style: Stella Macua

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