Casual Is King, Says These 5 Beauty Trends From New York Fashion Week

While most variations of the cat eye end in a perfect point, Jason Wu experimented with a thick, rounded wing.

We love keeping up with fashion week, but is it applicable to our day-to-day? Not entirely. Largely, the looks on the runway (whether fashion or beauty) only work for 18-year-olds with cheekbones sharper than our sardonic wit. But that doesn’t mean we won’t steal a tidbit here and there, like these five beauty looks that seem — dare we say — accessible.


Wine glasses everywhere, rejoice. This season’s lip was bare, dewy and delightfully subdued. As seen at Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma show, lips were minimally done with just a swipe of clear gloss. Not only is this look effortless and easy to recreate, it’s also affordable with Vaseline selling for, what, a couple of dollars? Win-win.


At Calvin Klein models’ hair struck the perfect balance between messy and blown-out with smooth strands fashioned into perfectly imperfect waves. To get the look, apply a smoothing product (like Bumble and Bumble’s Invisible Oil Primer) to damp hair and then let fresh air do its thing. If your hair is on the straighter side, put it into a low bun or braid so it’ll dry with some extra texture.


While most variations of the cat eye end in a perfect point, Jason Wu experimented with a thick, rounded wing. Not only is it a striking, fresh new look, but it also requires way less precision — perfect for those nights out when you’re sometimes (OK, always) running late.


Like the air-dried look at Calvin, models at Monse weren’t too done-up either. To match the athleisure vibes of the collection (which included the Holy Grail of track pants), hair was pulled into smooth ponytails that were free to swing as they pleased. Don’t worry too much about taming flyaways; they add to the whole casual, youthful thing.


The eye color of the summer shows no signs of slowing down. Just take Brock Collection. To compliment the ultra-feminine dresses that went down the runway, makeup artists swiped models’ lids with warm pink shadow. But instead of leaning further into the palette, they paired the girly hue with a tight black eye line and a healthy dose of black mascara, creating the ideal edgy contrast.