Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel, Teaches It To Purr (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel, Teaches It To Purr

Rocky may turn out to be the only squirrel who grows up thinking he's a cat, as he's picking up their habits quite fast.

When Emmy the cat got pregnant and had kittens, her former owner could no longer taker care of her, so Jim and Karen Watkins stepped in. But they were in for a surprise, because with the 18 cats they brought to their home came a baby squirrel.

Rocky the squirrel fell out of a tree in the yard of the former owner's home, WLBT reports. When unable to get back up the tree, the owner took a bold move, and put Rocky right in with the litter of kittens.

Emmy immediately took to Rocky, and cared for him as if he were just another of her litter.

Now Rocky acts right at home, and as can be seen in this clip from MSNBC, he even purrs when pet, just like the other kittens.


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