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Cat Claims Baby's Crib As His Own


Who's the baby?

When Reddit user Max Brown and his wife had a crib built for their baby girl, who is due in a few weeks, their cat Finn made himself right at home in it. Brown shared a photo to Imgur last week of the 20-pound feline sprawled out in it.

"I find him in there every few days and pull him out right away," he wrote. "My wife came and got me yesterday and when I saw him I figured I'd get a picture before taking him out."

Brown's father-in-law, a carpenter, now plans to build a second crib just for the cat.

"When the baby starts using the crib, our plan is to keep the door closed while she is in there," Brown shared in an email to The Huffington Post. "In the process of this photo going to the front page of Reddit (where I originally posted it) we got tons of input and advice from other people who've been in similar situations with their cats and cribs. Mainly we heard when it was all said and done it ended up not being an issue. But just for good measure my wife is going to ask her dad to build a new kitty bed for him so he doesn't feel left out."

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