These Cat Backpacks Will Never, Ever Leave You Lonely

They're purrfect. 🐱

Can't be without your fuzzy best friend? You never, ever have to be, thanks to this epic line of pet backpacks, bags and sport duffels from the brand U-pet.

The cute-tastic carriers feature a spherical viewing bubble that "allows your pets to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with you and interact with the outside world," according to the company's website.

We're already in love. And it looks like our furry counterparts are, too.

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The carriers have ventilation holes as well as soft mesh pads to ensure comfiness. They're made from nontoxic materials and meet most airline carry-on requirements, though you should check with yours before taking a pet to the skies.

U-pet says its carriers are suitable for both dogs and cats, but other pets might love these, too. Just make sure you're familiar with the safety requirements and recommendations for your particular animal first.

The carriers come in all sorts of delightful varieties, including a hardshell "B Series" backpack and a camel-colored crossbody bag. They start at $69 in U-pet's online shop.

Merry cats-mas to us all!

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