This Cat And Bearded Dragon Are Total Snuggle Buddies

You are not chasing the dragon, these two really are BFFs.

This friendship can warm even a cold-blooded heart.

Baby, a male cat, and Charles, a female bearded dragon -- a type of lizard -- love nothing more than cuddling with one another.

The meow-nificent friendship began when their humans, Cheyenne and Isaac March of Virginia Beach, Virginia, decided to get married, merging their lives and their pets. The couple was initially concerned about how the two would get along, given that felines have an innate love for hunting rodents and lizards. But on Feb. 19, the day the two met, it was quickly apparent that Baby thought Charles was the cat’s pajamas.

“I knew Baby would not hurt Charles when he went right up to her, sniffed and rubbed up against her,” Cheyenne told The Huffington Post.

And Charles found his furry new friend pretty paw-some as well.

“One day I had Baby on my lap and Charles on my chest. Charles was looking to keep warm because she is a reptile, and crawled down to my lap to cuddle with Baby. Baby loved it and cuddled back even holding her and rubbing his face against hers,” Cheyenne said

And sweetly snuggling isn’t this dynamic duo’s sole activity. According to Cheyenne, they also enjoy looking out the window to watch birds and postal workers.

We can't get enough of this odd couple!



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