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Cat Brings Home Bag Of Weed

Sometimes catnip just doesn't cut it.

A cat in Ashmore, New Zealand returned home from a jaunt outside Sunday with a 0.2-ounce bag of marijuana in its mouth, the AFP reported.

The cat's owner promptly called police to report the drug-trafficking feline, Sergeant Reece Munro told the Otago Daily News. He said the woman said her cat had given her "a bag of drugs."

Munro said police are conducting an investigation to see where the bag may have come from. He also said that the contents were valued at about NZ$150, which is equivalent to about $130 USD.

High Times notes that, "Apparently, the cat was oblivious to the fact that not only is his human extremely lame, but also a boldfaced nark [sic]."

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