California Cat Burglar Actually A Cat Named Dusty (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sticky-Pawed Feline Puts The 'Cat' In Cat Burglar

San Mateo, California is being terrorized by the most nefarious and elusive criminal it has ever faced. We speak, of course, of the notorious cat burglar, Dusty...who is actually a cat who actually sneaks into his neighbor's homes at night, undetected, and steals things.

Clearly, San Mateo isn't particularly tough on crime, or else they would have done something about this fuzzy menace. But the residents seem to take the thievery in stride, stopping by Dusty's house whenever something goes missing.

Sure, it seems benign, but what if other neighborhood cats get the idea, and start "copying" Dusty's modus operandi? You would have to call those cats something clever, something like "cat mimics," or "cat copiers" or "cats committing crimes similar to another cat's in the hopes that no one will suspect them." We'll think of something.

Until then, lock your doors and close your windows, San Mateo residents. You may ignore crime, but crime will not ignore you...or your favorite pair of Converse All Stars.


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