Owner Uses Cat For A Purr-fect Life Hack

No need for a handyman in this home.

Here's another cat who earns its keep.

Following in the paw-steps of the floor cleaning feline is a clever kitty that helps run wires through tight spaces.

Video posted online sees its owner holding a cable near a gap behind a TV unit.

"Yeah, go ahead, pull it through," the man says, before a ginger paw suddenly thrusts out of the hole, grabs the cable and yanks it in.

"Thanks bud," the man adds, before the clip cuts out.

It's unclear exactly when or where the footage was filmed, or whether the cat was specifically trained to perform the stunt.

But the footage was posted to Reddit on Wednesday and has since been seen more than 2 million times.

Other cats known for their clever ways include a moggy that helped a canine companion escap and a polite puss who always rings the doorbell to let its owner know it's home.


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