Calling All Cat Lovers, This Is Your Cake

Be prepared to have your cat-loving heart melted.


Fellow feline fanatic and Japanese blogger, Caroline, has created the most wonderful of cakes -- topped with nothing other than an adorable band of edible kitty cats. Yes, it's a kitty cat cake and it is everything our cat-loving hearts could have ever hoped for.

We've come across many amazing cakes in our time as food editors -- like the burrito cake and a life-sized Darth Vader Cake -- but none have been as sweet as this sugary homage to cats and their owners.

Caroline created these edible cats out of a sweetened white bean paste (shiro-an) and glutinous rice (gyuhi). They're similar in texture to mochi, only a million times cuter. Her band of mochi-like cats not only play in cakes, they also lounge atop of doughnuts, hide in pancakes and rest on edible pillows -- all with that charming cat squint that feline fans can't resist. It's just perfect.

But don't take our word for it, see for yourself:

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