World's Sweetest Cat Comforts Dog During Fourth Of July Fireworks

Can we get in on this cuddle party?

Even cat lovers will concede that most of the time, cats are jerks. So it’s especially heartwarming to see one feline go out of its way to comfort an anxious pup during Fourth of July fireworks.

There was no shortage of stressed out dogs this Fourth of July, with many pet owners taking to social media to show how they kept their pups safe during the fireworks.

But one pet duo took the cake. Twitter user @Victoria_Eve’s cat snuggled up with its canine friend to keep her calm during the fireworks.

“My heart is crying still,” Vic wrote.

The photo clearly struck a chord with pet lovers. The tweet has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times and favorited nearly 15,000 times since being posted Tuesday.

“This is so cute I’m sobbing omg,” one Twitter user replied. An even more distraught user tweeted, “THISNSI SO CUTE IM CRUING WHYBR OREST SO CUTE.” But we think this tweet pretty much sums up our response to all this cuteness:

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