Cat Dressed As Shark, Riding A Roomba, Chasing A Duck (VIDEO)

WATCH: This 'Shark' May Be The Most Amazing Thing Ever

Yes, the cat riding a Roomba video sensation was wonderful. And yes, cats in clothes are equally funny. But combine both of those things, and add a duck, and you've got something else.

And so we present this, posted in GIF form by redditor Swiftapple -- a cat, dressed as a shark, riding a Roomba, chasing a duckling with its open maw.

If you're looking for your own talented cat, the ASPCA and are good places to start. But ducklings don't always make the best pets. The average duck poops once every 15 minutes and the CDC recommends washing your hands after coming into contact with them as they "often" carry Salmonella.

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