Cat Eye Makeup Just Got Way Easier, Thanks To This Genius Product

Look at the flick of the wing!

Classic, timeless and sexy are all adjectives we'd used to describe the cat eye. It can also be pretty intimidating to the amateur makeup wearer. While we've spent countless hours in front of the bathroom mirror attempting to create the perfect cat eye, à la Sophia Loren and Nina Simone, it seems one eye always ends up crooked. Well, Cat Eye 101 is here to fix that problem.

Having worked as a makeup artist for 10 years, Dana Rae Ashburn understands that the cat eye can still be tricky. "I think the perfect, pointy edge is a little daunting. The other challenge is symmetry. Doing it once can be tough, and then you have to do it again," she told HuffPost. "But ultimately, I think that a cat eye seems difficult because people are afraid of messing up."

Ashburn's Cat Eye 101 is "a tool to help give people the confidence and ability to create this enduring look by themselves." It's the debut product from her line, ABLE Cosmetics, which she envisions "filling a void in the makeup industry with tools that will simplify application and be the friend you always know you can rely on."

ABLE Cosmetics

At first glance, Cat Eye 101 looks similar to liquid eyeliners that are already on the market. But what separates this product from others is that its cap is designed with a slanted rubber edge that you press against your lids to seamlessly trace on the cat eye in mere seconds.

The jet-black liquid liner boasts a felt-tip point with a formula that's gluten-free, paraben-free and smudge-proof. After wearing Cat Eye 101 for a full day, we can say that it absolutely does not budge. You'll definitely need to use a gentle water-resistant makeup remover like Bioderma or Vichy to take it all off. And when you've used up all the liner, you can recycle it and order a refill that pops right into the aluminum case.

If you're still using Scotch tape or a cold spoon to draw on winged liner, you should probably reconsider your technique.

Cat Eye 101 ($48) is available for pre-order at

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