Cat's Wild Ride Ends With Firefighter Rescue From Engine Compartment

Silly cat.

If cats have nine lives, this one is down to eight.

A cat in Massachusetts needed a little rescuing after a driver heard a strange sound coming from her car engine. Crista McKinnon noticed the noise on Wednesday morning, when she stopped at a McDonald's in the town of Ashland, approximately 5 miles from her home.

"Doesn't that sound like a kitty or cat meowing?" McKinnon asked a fast food employee, according to cable outlet NECN.

Sure enough, there was a cat inside the engine compartment.

Here is the lucky cat.
Here is the lucky cat.

"When I looked inside the engine, there was just a little tiny space where you could see the cat on the front axle,” McKinnon told The Boston Globe. “It was very, very stressed at that point. It was breathing heavily, like it was in some sort of shock.”

Firefighters responded to the scene and, with a little work, managed to wiggle the cat out.

The cat is now nicknamed "McDonald's," of course. Animal Control officials are working to reunite the animal with its owner, according to NBC affiliate WHDH.

Perhaps the curious cat was inspired by other felines that have survived even longer trips. Or maybe it just wanted some fries, like the cat from New Zealand that reportedly survived on McDonald's fast food for a year

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