This Is What A Cat Lady Looks Like

This Is What A Cat Lady Looks Like

We love our cats, dote on them as members of our family and definitely enjoy a good snuggle with them at the end of a long day.

But if you're a busy single lady, you might have been derided as a "cat lady," with friends implying that you care a little too much about your cats or that you will be forever alone with them.

The stereotype goes way back, but cat owners around the world are fighting to reclaim the term as their own. We asked you to show us what a cat lady really looks like, and received dozens of pictures of owners showing their pride in their pets.

Keep the momentum going by sharing your pictures with the hashtag #CatLadyPride to let the world know that if being a cat lady means loving your pets, you're guilty as charged.


— PuertoRican Princess (@_pinkstarburst) September 9, 2014

Major cuddles happening #CatLadyPride

— Alexandra Banda (@LexBanda) September 10, 2014

If you ever misplace a a laundry basket or yoga mat out! #fatcat #cats #catselfies #CatLadyPride #cats

— Katie Hall (@loves3hearts) September 10, 2014

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