This TikTok-Famous Cleaning Device Is A Must For Cat Owners

An integrated cat shovel will make cleaning the litter box quick and painless.
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Even the most ardent cat people will agree that cleaning the litter box isn’t cute. It’s messy, smelly and demands complete wrist control or else you’ll end up with a breadcrumb trail of litter from the box to the trash can. Until now.

An ingenious type of integrated cat litter scoop recently caught our attention on TikTok — and everyone else’s, too. The #integratedshovel hashtag currently boasts over 9.2 million views on the video-sharing platform. This type of perforated scooper deposits litter directly into an attached receptacle lined with a small disposable bag.

Across the #catlitterscooper page, which has a whopping 492.4 million views, it’s clear that two varieties of these shovels rein supreme: a truly integrated one that stores rolls of waste bags in the bottom of the scooper, and a larger-capacity rectangular Neater Scooper with a detachable bag pack that attaches to your litter box.

One reviewer said using an integrated scoop was easier and quicker than other devices she had tried, and lighter to hold.

“The Neater Scooper is lightweight and the little bags are easy to handle ... which is exactly what I wanted because of my arthritic hands,” BrendaB commented on Amazon. “My cat is a pretty big boy but these little bags are just the right size for daily scooping.”

Another reviewer noted this type of scoop works particularly well with non-clumping crystal litter.

“The crystals don’t stick to the scooper, and only the solid waste needs to be removed while the urine is absorbed by the crystals,” Mrs. Mildew wrote.

To help you step up your litter box game, here are the two all-in-one scoopers you’ll use every day.

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The Petizer cat litter scoop with intrgrated bags
For an all-in-one scoop situation, this Petizer shovel stores a roll of waste bags in the base of the container and lets you pull them up from the bottom. The handle is detachable, making it easy to clean the entire contraption. Reviews say since this is smaller, it's a better option for homes with one cat or cats that tend to go to the bathroom less often.

Promising reviews: "This scooper is sturdy and convenient for scooping poop. The thing that sold me were the bags. Scoop and throw away in regular trash can with no smell. Way cheaper than an automatic scooper, and better than a pooper trash can that holds poop for 10 days. (Ugh!) This is so simple, scoop, tie bag, throw away, and gone keeping your house from smelling like a kitty crapper." — Debora Harmon Lanciaux

"Honestly, absolutely thrilled with this product, so convenient and I no longer have to worry about getting litter on the floor when scooping." — Skye

"Love it, easy clean and disposable." — Benny
Neater Pet's Neater scooper with a separate bag pack
With 6,649 positive reviews, this scooper from Neater Pets is a fan favorite. It comes with a separate waste bag holder than you can attach to your litter box or to the scoop itself, and comes apart for easy cleaning. Reviews say this works better if you have a larger litter box and/or a litter box that allowed for you to easily reach into it to scoop.

Promising reviews: "Really easy to use, wide scoop and as your collecting the waste the trap door prevents it falling out while your still cleaning the tray. Scoop easily clips off the base so you can tie the waste bag ready for disposal. Bags have a pleasant scent too. Definitely worth the money." — Mrs Amanda Bain

"I would recommend this to anyone who has the fun job of cleaning a cats "sand box" as I call it. It makes it SOO easy to sift through and so simple. When scooping, I have found using the scoop to get as much of the litter you can sifted and then turn the scoop upright and the poop goes into the bagged end. There is a flap that keeps the poop inside while you continue to sift. You can turn it upside down to scoop more and it doesn't come out as long as the flap closes. The scoop snaps off, you take the pooped filled bag out, tie it up and discard. Works perfectly. With this, it doesn't make a mess and you don't rarely don't have to change the entire litter in the box. I give this an A+." — Pamela Wessinger

"I like the fact that I can use this to scoop and bag at the same time. The trap door does work and keeps it from falling back out. I don't have to hold the bag and worry about litter poop and urine getting on my fingers." — knuckleup10

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