This Cat's Meow Sounds Like A Southern Gentleman Saying, 'Well, Hi!'

Some folks think the kitty could be mimicking Dolly Parton in a viral video.

People think this viral video is the cat’s meow.

An orange feline named Gambino went viral Wednesday on TikTok and Instagram thanks to his unique meow, which sounds like he’s saying, “Well, hi!” in a Southern drawl. The video shows the frisky furball running away from the camera into the kitchen, and right after the camera turns the corner to find him, the cute little kitty delivers his sunny greeting.

Naturally, when the video made its way to Twitter, users gobbled it up like catnip.

A quick gander at Gambino’s Instagram page reveals that the now-famous kitty enjoys basking in the sun, has a feline sibling who appears to be named Tom Petty and wears a device around his neck that is not a shock collar but a Whistle pet tracker.

“It allows me to track [my cats] with GPS in case they get out and go too far,” Gambino’s human explained in a separate post on his account.