Cat Mistakenly Shipped More Than 700 Miles From Home After Sneaking Into Box

Baloo was reunited with his family after being discovered by a delivery driver in Montreal.

A curious cat named Baloo was mistakenly shipped more than 700 miles away from his home in Nova Scotia, Canada after crawling into a parcel destined for Alberta.

The tabby’s owner, Jacqueline Lake, told CTV News that the mischievous, 1-year-old cat had secretly sneaked into the bottom of a package containing tire rims. The day after the parcel had been sent, Lake began searching for the missing family pet.

“We knocked door-to-door, we searched the woods, we searched under decks, in garages, under steps ... he was gone,” she said.

Baloo was later discovered by a delivery driver in Montreal, 17-hours into his cross-country road trip.

A local SPCA shelter managed to track down the feline stowaway’s owners using the parcel’s tracking code.

Baloo returned to his family, safe and sound, on Saturday evening.

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