Cat Photobombs Lego Town Promo Video, Makes Cutest Cameo Ever (VIDEO)

While filming a promo video for an elaborate Lego project, a Kentucky man was totally upstaged by his very loving and, needless to say, adorable cat.

"While working on a promotional video for Lego Town, I got a little unexpected help," wrote Sam Lapin of Burlington, Ky., in a caption for this awesome YouTube outtake, in which his cat photobombs the video.

Lapin told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he was surprised his cat, Darwin, chose that particular moment to show his affection.

Usually Darwin ignores me,” Lapin said. “He much prefers my wife.”

Organized by Lapin, Lego Town -- a whole town made up almost entirely of Legos -- will be on display June 20-22 at Camp Ernst Middle School in Burlington, where Lapin's son is a student. All proceeds from the event will benefit the school.

Lapin, a professor at Northern Kentucky University, has reportedly been making Lego projects for the last four decades. Lego Town is an annual project he's been spearheading for many years.

For more information about Lego Town, visit the event's Facebook page.



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