Cat, Dolphins Play Together (VIDEO)

Animals sure know how to show humans a thing or two about getting along.

Recently, an unlikely friendship was spotted in a New York cemetery, where a deer was valiantly protecting a nesting goose. Now, it's clear to see that not even the ocean is a border between interspecies relationships, as this YouTube video shows a cat and dolphins playing together.

The location of the video (and date) is unclear, though it's undoubtedly becoming the next viral sensation. Two days ago, The Daily Mail reported the video as having 31,000 views. At the time of writing this, it's already exceeded 1.5 million.

Check out the adorable clip below to see what all the fuss is about.

(via BuzzFeed)

UPDATE: The original video referenced in this post has been changed to private. Due to this, we have switched it out with an identical video also posted on YouTube.