People Are In Love With This Video Of Cats Ringing Bells For Treats

Because how could anyone not be?

There’s a prevalent myth that cats can’t be trained, but that’s just not true — especially when there’s a delicious reward involved.

That said, judging from this video of two adorable cats in Japan ringing bells for treats, it’s not totally clear whether their humans were the trainers or the trainees.

The clip, from Japanese Twitter account @b_ru_ru, has gone viral for reasons that are adorably obvious.

The talented duo can also be seen in endeavors like guitar-playing.

Besides the obvious plus of producing adorable videos, using positive reinforcement to train cats can have a ton of benefits — including keeping your cat mentally stimulated, strengthening your bond with your pet and even curbing bad behavior.

“Any cat can be trained to do something,” said Samantha Martin, founder of The Amazing Acro-Cats cat circus, when she shared some of her techniques with HuffPost in 2015.

If you wind up with a video as awesome as the cats with the bell, be sure to send it our way.

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