A Cat And Her Living Shadow Are Freaking The Internet Out

A snap of Pete and Sully will make you paws for thought.

Meet Pete, who's making the Internet do a collective double-take.

A photograph shows the female ginger cat hanging out in the sun, casting what appears to be a perfect shadow on a nearby staircase.

But on closer inspection it becomes clear that the shadow has eyes and is actually another feline -- namely Pete's brother Sully.

Redditor natural_distortion posted the photograph online Friday.

"I guess we should have named him Shadow," he wrote of Sully, adding that Pete obtained her name because they initially thought she was male. The image is now going viral, and by Monday morning had garnered more than 800,000 views.

"I was halfway through typing 'bad Photoshop' before I realized..." wrote one commenter, while another added, "That is a strikingly vivid shadow. But why are the eyes... oh shit."

The picture even prompted Imgur user tehconda to post this version of the photograph, in which it's imagined how it would look if Sully was blinking:

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