Need A Professional Cat Photo? Call The 'Purrtraitist'

Life's pretty pawsome for a cat photographer.

For as long as humans have the resources to document and pay homage to the things they love, there will be cat photos. And when one's devotion to their favored kitty is so strong that a simple Instagram snap or Polaroid could not capture just how special their tabby/Siamese/Scottish Fold/Maine Coon/Sphynx is, it's time to call in a purrfessional.

Photographer Larry Johnson is one of those professionals.

"It's not a picture of a cat," Johnson says, setting up shop at cat show in Parsippany, New Jersey. "It's a picture of my cat. And that's what I want to capture, that's what they see at home: their cat, and their personality. If I can draw that out of them, that's what I like."

It's a fun glimpse into an echelon of cat devotion not even the most doting feline owners will ever see, and a reminder that no matter how dignified a cat looks, they will probably still freak out at an interesting-looking piece of string.

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