17 Cats Who Love Shushing People (And A Couple Of Dogs)

If you're wondering why most cats are such loners, maybe it's because they just wish we'd all shut up already.

Here are 17 felines that have perfected the art of the "Shush."

  • 1 Shh... No more words.
  • 2 Just gaze into my eyes...
  • 3 Seriously, stop talking while I'm talking.
  • 4 You complain too much.
  • 5 Come on now, enough with the selfies.
  • 6 Shh... Kisses are overrated.
  • 7 See what I have to put up with?
  • 8 I SHUSH YOU.
  • 9 We are never to speak of this again.
  • 10 Shut up, human.
  • 11 I don't want to hear you. I don't even want to look at you.
  • 12 No... This is my toy now.
  • 13 First I caress you, then I shush you.
  • 14 If you say one more thing about my litter...
  • 15 Shh... You're not as cute as I am.
  • 16 Shh... Go to sleep, mom.
  • 17 You, too... Shh!!!


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