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Cat Sitter Throws Party While Family Is On Vacation, Guests Trash House

You're in trouble meow...

A Buffalo, N.Y., high school student hired by a family to watch their cats while they were vacationing in Costa Rica may be responsible for thousands of dollars of damage to the family's home. The girl, who has not been identified, threw a party for about 50 people at the house on Dec. 27.

The family returned from the vacation to find the sitter attempting to clean the mess. But it wasn't the kind of mess that you'd just vacuum up.

“The destruction to our house is considerable. There was human feces, urine and vomit in numerous locations. Every floor in the house was rifled. There was broken furniture and there were multiple used condoms,” homeowner Steven Binder told the Buffalo News.

According to the newspaper, some of that damage was documented on social media. The family said about $6,000 in cash and valuables was taken from the home. There was evidence of drug use at the home, according to Gawker.

The cat sitter offered the $90 she was paid to watch the cats as compensation for the damage. Binder said that's not going to cut it.

“It took an industrial strength cleaning to get rid of the odors of urine and vomit, and we keep discovering more,” Binder told the Buffalo News. “I don’t know that I won’t open a box in my attic at some point and discover more vomit. There was vomit everywhere.”

Many of the attendees were students at some of the city's top high schools, according to police. It is unclear if the sitter will be charged, but prosecutors said the case will most likely end up being a civil matter, rather than a criminal one.

Binder said the cats were traumatized by the party.

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