Cat Soothes Old Dog Who Cannot Walk, Sleeps Next To Him At Night (PHOTO)

This dog gets by with a little help from his friend -- a cat.

Buster, 13, has been barely able to walk since tearing an ACL years ago, according to his owner, Reddit user K_roneee. The vet treating him for the injury administered a too-high drug dose that left all his legs paralyzed, according to the user.

"My cat keeps him company every night because he cannot come upstairs into our room to sleep," K_roneee wrote on Monday.

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The cat, who goes by Kitty, didn't always spend the night with Buster. The dog's first few nights alone were spent crying loudly.

"[Kitty] usually sleeps with my sister but Buster would whine all night, so she started sleeping with him," the user wrote.

Last month, a photo of two sleeping dogs -- one blind, one deaf -- went viral.



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