Cat Caught Smuggling Pot Into Moldova Prison (VIDEO)

A cat that was being used to smuggle marijuana into a Moldova jail has been caught red-pawed by authorities.

BBC reports that the sneaky feline, which would frequently leave and enter the jail through a hole in a fence, was recently nabbed by prison guards. Two packets of pot were reportedly found attached to the cat's oversized decorative collar.

A video of the cat being searched (above) was posted on YouTube by Moldova's justice ministry this week.

According to The Associated Press, the Department of Penitentiary Institutions said Friday that "someone in the village of Pruncul was using the cat as a courier to supply inmates with dope at the local prison."

An investigation into the incident is reportedly underway.

This isn't the first time in recent months that a cat has been used to smuggle contraband into a prison.

In June, a cat that had cellphones and chargers taped to its belly was busted by guards at a prison near Syktyvkar in northern Russia. The Moscow Times reported that the cat was caught climbing the prison fence.

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