Do These Cats Want A New Snail Friend Or Just Escargot?

We sort of suspect it's the latter, but we can always pretend.

Sometimes you just gotta relax and take things slo-o-ow.

What better way to do that than with a blissed-out cat and a charming snail atop his paw?

Unfortunately, a second feline seems intent on ruining the idyllic scene, sticking its face up against the snail and aggressively sniffing it.

The Dodo suggests that viewers “pretend that these cats found a lonely snail and took him in to raise him as their own kittens,” but frankly it looks more to us like the cat is scoping out the snail as a potential snack.

That being said, the calmer of the two cats appears to have a history of hanging out with snails. The Japanese-language YouTube channel that posted the video last week also uploaded this one back in July:

The most bizarre interpretation of the cat-snail relations comes from The Mirror, which calls the most recent feline-snail interaction a “passionate clinch”:

A video of a cat involved in a steamy clinch with a SNAIL has emerged.

And what's more, there is another cat witnessing the decidedly creepy moment who looks JEALOUS.

Rip up the rulebook and forget everything you thought you knew about cat videos because this slimey ménage à trois has raised the bar.

We don’t know what’s going on in their minds, but just try to forget all that and enjoy the videos anyway.

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