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Cuddly 'Cat Socks' Keep Your Home Looking Purr-fect

Paw-sitively brilliant.

Japanese company Toyo Case has invented cat socks, which are pretty much the cutest way to protect your home flooring from scuffs and marks. Just tug the socks over the legs of a chair, and it'll slide around with ease on hardwood and other easy-to-scratch surfaces. Meowvelous, right?




The adorable cat socks come in packs of four -- one sock for each leg of the chair -- in all sorts of colors and prints, like calico cat (called the "Mike" package), silver tabby cat (aka "Sabatora"), brown tabby cat (aka "Chatora"), and black cat with white paws (aka "Kutsushita"). They're described as a "cute, delightful addition to your room," and we couldn't agree more: Cat socks certainly beat the other chair socks on the market in appearance and general adorableness.

The cat socks retail for $6.49 online. It appears that they're currently sold out, though we assume they'll return soon due to the current level of freakout over their cuteness.

We can't wait!