Rescuers Save 'Soldier' The Cat With CPR Using A Tiny Oxygen Mask (VIDEO)

Way to pull through, little "Soldier."

Firefighters in Columbia, S.C., recently pulled an unresponsive cat from a house fire and revived it with CPR. But this was an even bigger team effort, WLTX TV reported.

The rescue workers used a pet oxygen mask that the public donated to the department, and it has already helped save several animals, the outlet noted.

The cat, named "Soldier," was taken from the blaze and received chest compressions and oxygen, according to the station. He regained consciousness after several minutes.

"I appreciate everything you’ve done and everything you guys do," Soldier's owner told the lifesavers in the segment above.

Columbia's pet-saving equipment came through donations to Wag'N 02 Fur Life. According to the site, pets, unlike humans, often do not run out from a fire. They look for a hiding place inside. This leaves them vulnerable to asphyxiation.

The Wag'N 02 Fur Life program has now supplied 6,200 pet oxygen mask kits to more than 2,925 fire and EMS departments, the website estimated.

According to Pet MD, it is preferable to get your cat to a veterinarian should a breathing problem arise. If immediate care becomes necessary, administer short puffs of air every four or five seconds through the cat's nose while you gently keep its mouth closed, the site instructs.



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