Watch This Angry Cat Knock The Stuffing Out Of A Toy Tiger

Is it Manny Pacq-meow?

The house ain't big enough for the both of them.

An angry cat has been caught on camera attacking a stuffed toy tigerThe black-and-white feline ferociously hits the cuddly plaything in the face in the hilarious clip.

With the speed and precision of featherweight boxer Manny Pacquiao (or should that be Pacq-meow?), the furious puss repeatedly smacks the fake animal on the nose.

The toy, unsurprisingly to viewers, doesn't react -- and just sits there, with its front paws crossed, taking its beating. The kitty eventually realizes this is not a fight it's going to win, and decides to stare down its rival instead.

It's unclear exactly when or where the footage was filmed. But it was uploaded to YouTube by user Mr. Maci on Saturday and is now making rounds on the web.

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