Homeless Woman Rescues Abandoned Cat, Gives Him Second Chance

"This wonderful lady cared very much about his well being. She provided for him even with having very little herself."

In a long-term-stay motel just outside Houston, a cat named Enrique was found locked in the bathroom. It happened a few weeks ago after he'd been abandoned there by his previous owners.

A homeless woman staying at the motel heard the cat's cries, broke him free and even bought him a stuffed animal.

But before too long, motel management told the woman that she either had to give up the cat, or give up her room.

About a week and a half ago, the woman brought Enrique, his bear and the rest of his food to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter -- with the aim that shelter staff would help Enrique find the thing she couldn't give him: a permanent home.

"This wonderful lady cared very much about his well being. She provided for him even with having very little herself," Tonya Prudhomme Todd, a shelter employee who spoke with the woman, wrote on Facebook.

Enrique is still available for adoption, and he's a package deal -- coming with his teddy bear.

Minda Emas Harris, the shelter's rescue coordinator, told The Huffington Post that Enrique will find a welcoming new family before too long. She said Enrique is handsome, easygoing, calm and even gets along with dogs.

A somewhat more difficult goal is to track down the woman who cared for and really loved Enrique, saving his life and then getting him to the shelter where he now has this second chance.

"There she was with nothing," Harris said. "There but for the grace of God go I."

The shelter's staff, normally focused on animals' wellbeing, wants to see if there's anything that can now be done to also help out Enrique's rescuer.

 An obstacle is that she didn't provide the sort of personal information that would make it easy to locate her. But the shelter says there are some leads and hope that she may be found,and recognized for her lifesaving generosity toward Enrique.

"We need more good people in the world," Todd wrote. "And to show them that kindness is repaid."

 Find out more about Enrique -- and the shelter's other adoptable pets -- on the Montgomery County Animal Shelter Facebook page

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