Cat Is Entirely Unimpressed With Avocado Toast

Thoroughly appalled.

You're probably not over avocado toast yet. On Instagram, you probably "like" photos of smashed avocado smeared on bread and topped with a perfectly poached egg. You've probably used the hashtag #yolkporn, and you probably have a spreadsheet of Brunch Places To Try.

Ray is embittered by all of this. Ray, who happens to be a cat, is completely fed up with the avocado toast trend, telling The Huffington Post* that "it is completely overdone," and is "a pedestrian way to consume breakfast. ... It's literally the death of me," he added.*

No matter the texture of your smash, how beautifully you plate it or the amount of Sriracha you elegantly drizzle on top, as proven in the video above, Ray cannot with your avocado toast. For Ray's sake, perhaps it's time to find a more appealing obsession to call your own.

*This never happened. Ray's a cat.

H/T Delish

Whatever, Ray. We've got some avocado toast upgrades below:

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