Is This Cat Going Upstairs Or Downstairs?

Not since "the dress" has everyone made such a big deal about something so inconsequential.

This cat is either going upstairs or downstairs. People have different theories about which direction he's going and why. One argument that we're inclined towards is that he's heading downstairs, because who in their right mind would design a staircase with protrusions sticking up out of the edge of the stairs?

If this were a view from the top of the staircase, the stairs in this photo would be a trip-and-fall disaster waiting to happen. Maybe most cats are nimble enough to avoid the planks, but not clumsy humans.

Then again, we're also of the majority opinion that that infamous photo of the dress is white and gold. So, yeah. Commence yelling. But before you do, maybe check out these optical illusions while we quietly slip away.



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