Cat Woman Robber Prowls Manhattan

MANHATTAN-- Someone better call Batman because Cat Woman is on the loose in Gotham.

A female thief who uses disguises -- most notably a cat mask -- is being hunted by police for robbing shoe and skin care product stores in Manhattan and Queens.

The woman reportedly passed notes to store workers on two out of three robberies, silently demanding cash, police sources said.

"Give me the money. I have a gun," the notes said.

Cat Woman pounced twice last week, on Thursday and Friday.

She hit up Arche Shoes on Astor Place on Thursday afternoon and made off with $86, police sources said. On Friday, she took $500 from a Body Shop in Queens.

A year ago, a robber with the same description hit up a 9 West shoe store in Forrest Hills, escaping with $500, according to police sources.

The woman is believed to be Middle Eastern and is described as 120 lbs. and 5 feet, 7 inches in her 20's, the wanted poster said.