'Catching Fire' Quotes: 15 Great One-Liners From The Second Book In 'The Hunger Games' Trilogy By Suzanne Collins

Although the odds don't seem to be in our favor, fellow Tributes, when it comes to getting our next "HG" fix in a timely manner -- the "Catching Fire" movie isn't set to hit theaters until November 22nd -- there are still a few ways you can try to keep yourself occupied over the next few months.

For one thing, there are already photo stills from the movie to scrutinize (Sam Claflin as Finnick! Philip Seymore Hoffman as Plutarch!), and for another, Katniss Jennifer Lawrence is everywhere, winning all the awards, and consistently giving the most badass interviews ever.

The most important thing for any impatient superfan to do, however, is the obvious: re-read the book!

We've rounded up 15 of our favorite inspirational and funny quotes from Suzanne Collins' second novel in the "Hunger Games" trilogy in the slideshow below. We'd love for you to submit your additions in the comments or tweet your #CatchingFireQuotes to @huffposteen.

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Our Favorite "Catching Fire" Quotes