Ladies And Gentlemen, The Winner Of This Year's Catdance Film Festival

First came the Oscars. Now, we present you the winner of this year's Catdance Film Festival.

"Ricky" is the incredibly sweet story of a rescue kitten who finds a new home, where he longs to befriend a big dog named Romy. Filmmaker Simon Savelyev says on his website that Ricky's thoughts were both written and voiced by his 8-year old neighbor Willa.

Beating out four other contestants -- all chosen by the Feline Arts Council, after a nationwide search; this is the second year of the festival -- Savelyev wins $50,000 and a golden litter scoop for his efforts.


You can watch Ricky and the other Catdance finalists here. (Be sure to watch one called "Dreams Are Real," in which cats play in a rock band and go into space.) The Feline Arts Council also selected a handful of what they are calling "haute cat-ure accessories," sales of which benefit the ASPCA.

Savelyev, for his part, says his future plans include "making more cat-inspired films for all cat lovers to enjoy," according to a news release put out by Fresh Steps, the company sponsoring this competition, "as well as donate a portion of my winnings to a local shelter and the college fund of my neighbor who lent her sweet voice to the film."



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